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Hardie Siding

Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding products last longer giving your home that just-built look longer. We’ve installed Hardie siding since it was first installed. Because we pioneered it, Victor’s knows Hardie better. Ask about Hardie’s new ColorPlus technology: siding with a baked-on paint finish just like your car. It’s a finish so tough; it lasts for 15 years or more! We support the entire building industry's efforts in creating more sustainable homes, neighborhoods and materials. Together, we hope to provide a better built environment that will endure years to come.

Fire Prevention
No building material can guarantee a fireproof home, but there are some preventative measures that a homeowner can take to better prepare for fires, like installing a non-combustible home exterior.

Hurricane Resistance
The property damage from hurricanes can be staggering. Due to its impact resistance against hail and windblown debris, fiber-cement siding has been specified by hurricane-zone building codes for building homes in hurricane, tornado, and wildfire-prone areas.

Moisture & Rot
Rot doesn't have to ruin your home. No one has control over the weather. So it's best to chose siding that resists severe climates and damage from precipitation, like James Hardie fiber-cement siding.

Painting Perils
The end of scraping and repainting is here. Since James Hardie Siding is made of fiber cement, it does not undergo the same degree of expansion and contraction that hinders wood-based and vinyl sidings.

Value of James Hardie® Siding Products with ColorPlus® Technology
Before you decide what type of siding material is right for your home, take a look at the value you'll get with James Hardie® siding products with ColorPlus® technology:

  • A longer paint cycle that can help save you up to $5,000 (on average) over 15 years
  • The #1 return on investment and superior siding value for remodeling projects, (Remodeling Magazine's annual "Cost vs. Value Report," 2008)
  • Lower homeowner insurance premiums (14% lower on average) compared to vinyl siding
  • No need to hire - and pay for - an additional on-site painting contractor
  • Up to a 30-year limited transferrable product warranty, as well as a 15-year finish warranty covering both paint and labor
  • No waiting for optimal weather conditions to finish and start enjoying your James Hardie - sided home

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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

Selecting the right window solution for your home is a balance of taste and experience: your taste, our experience. Our energy efficient window specialists help match your vision with the ideal long-lasting Victor’s Construction and Remodeling replacement window.

Keeping heat in (or out)

Windows lose and gain heat by conduction, convection, radiation and air leakage. This heat transfer is expressed with U-values, or U-factors. U-values are the mathematical inverse of R-values. So an R-value of 2 equals a U-value of 1/2, or 0.5. Unlike R-values, lower U-value indicates higher insulating value.

Conduction is the movement of heat through a solid material. Touch a hot skillet, and you feel heat conducted from the stove through the pan. Heat flows through a window much the same way. With a less conductive material, you impede heat flow. Multiple-glazed windows trap low-conductance gas such as argon between panes of glass. Thermally resistant edge spacers and window frames reduce conduction, too.

Windows lose heat in four ways. The rate at which a window loses heat through the combination of the four is called its U-value. It is the inverse of the R-value, so the lower the U-value, the greater the insulative value of the window.

Letting in the right amount of sun

In a cold climate we welcome the sun's heat and light most of the time. And once we capture the heat, we don't want to give it up. In a warm climate, we don't want the heat, but we do want the light. Advances in window technology let us have it both ways.

Preventing UV-damage

Windows that block UV-radiation reduce fabric fading. Expect to find windows off the shelf that block more than 75% of the UV-energy. Contrary to conventional wisdom, some visible light fades fabric, too. Some manufacturers use the Krochmann Damage Function to rate a window's ability to limit fabric-fading potential. It expresses the percentage of both UV and of that portion of the visible spectrum that passes through the window and causes fading. Lower numbers are better.

Keeping warm around the edges

If you've lived in a cold climate, you've seen condensation and even frost on windows. When warm indoor air cools below its dewpoint, liquid water condenses on the glass. Condensation typically develops around the edges of window glass. No surprise. The edge is where most multiple-pane glazing is held apart by highly conductive aluminum spacers.

Energy-efficient glazing

Energy-efficient glazing reduces winter condensation. When low glass temperatures cause inside air to reach its dew point, water condenses on the window. The chart indicates the points where indoor humidity and outdoor temperature combine to cause condensation on various types of glazing.

Good frames insulate

The most widely available window frames are wood (including vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad wood frames), with 46% of the market. Hollow vinyl frames hold 36% of the market, and aluminum runs a distant third, with a 17% market share. A trickle of alternative materials such as wood-resin composites, fiberglass, PVC foam and insulated vinyl makes up another 1% of windows sold. A window's frame represents about 25% of its area. So it's important that the frame material be thermally nonconductive. For the most part, wood and vinyl are the best performers, and they work equally well (see U-values for common frame materials). Aluminum frames are typically poor energy performers.

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Stucco, Stone, & Masonry

Stucco, Stone, & Masonry

Stucco, Stone and Masonry

Stone gives your home a rich look and adds magnetic curb appeal when done with a craftsman’s hands. Make no mistake; working with stone is equal parts art and science. Victor’s is a leader in use of stone and has the experienced teams needed to craft an authentic-looking, long-lasting stone finish to your home.

Victor's Construction and Remodeling built its reputation delivering the highest level of quality on every project. From our management team to the craftsmanship of our people, quality construction is a priority and goal on every project.

We work in close partnership with our clients to meet their individual needs. No surprises or disappointments. If you can dream it, we can build it. We make dreams a reality. We maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your improvements are built to the highest quality standards.

Our Stucco Services Include:

Our Stucco Services Include   Our Stone, Brick & Masonry Services Include
  • Traditional stucco
  • Hard Coat stucco
  • Plaster and synthetic stucco
  • Stucco repairs
  • Crack sealing
  • Reviving and resurfacing
  • Waterproofing
  • Custom stucco homes
  • Room additions
  • New and re-stuccoing
  • Brick facing
  • Original stucco
  • Cultured stone
  • Simulated stone
  • Stone aggregate
  • Plaster
  • Drywall
  • Brick veneers
  • Porches
  • Steps
  • Fireplaces
  • Prefabricated (cultured) stone veneers
  • Natural stone veneers
  • Concrete floors
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Hardscapes
  • Retaining wall systems
  • Stone faces – cultured and real
  • Restoration
  • Block work
  • Insurance work
  • Grading and backhoe

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Your roof is not just the most important component of your home, it’s probably the largest. A Victor’s Exteriors roof enhances your home’s appearance as it protects and keeps your family dry. Whether you choose a slate, metal, steel or traditional shingle roof, Victor’s trained roofing teams get the job done right.


Is beautiful and durable roofing material. For centuries, it’s been the roofing material of choice for the world’s greatest buildings. In fact, some slate roofs have lasted for literally hundreds of years, enduring all of the ravages that Mother Nature could throw at them. Slate roofing tile has some huge upsides, mostly due to the fact that it's a natural stone product, giving it a unique, beautiful appearance, and the longevity that slate is famous for.

Our experienced staff can provide detailed information and architectural services from single size 1/4" thickness applications to intermingled rough texture in random widths to graduated length and thickness.


Longevity is one of the top reasons consumers report choosing metal roofing for their homes. When configured and installed properly by Victor Constructions, metal roofing can last as long as fifty years or more, requiring very little maintenance and looking beautiful all the while.

But it isn't just the dependability that people love about long-living metal roofing; it's the low life cycle cost. Few homeowners realize until after the fact but metal roofing can actually cost as little or less than asphalt roofing. Since asphalt roofing needs to be replaced 2 - 4 times as often as metal roofing, you really need to multiply not only the initial cost of asphalt roofing materials but also the cost of asphalt roof repairs and re-installation man hours to compare to the typical "once-a-lifetime" metal roofing installation.


Roof shingles are the most popular choice for roofing material. This is because they have numerous advantages when compared to other options.

Roof shingles will continue looking good with little maintenance. Also, they can easily be repaired if they happen to become damaged.

They are the easiest type of roofing material to install. The shingles are flexible and sturdy, so they are compatible with many roof designs.

The materials come in a wide variety of textures and colors. You will have no trouble finding a look to match your home. Roof shingles can be manufactured to look like more expensive, natural materials. You can have a roof that looks like cedar shakes, slate, tile, or wood. This will give you the advantage of the more expensive look, while retaining the performance benefits.


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It is our goal to provide you with high quality painting service. At Victor`s Construction and Remodeling, we know that your home needs to have an atmosphere where your family, your customers and employees feel comfortable!

We have built our reputation by offering the highest quality painting service, unmatched professionalism and providing high quality services in every job. Victor`s offers a complete line of exterior house painting services, and we know how to do the job so that it will shine for years to come! Our crew properly prepare each surface for maximum performance, our painters use proven products and techniques, and our staff keeps every jobsite tidy and safe.

If you are looking for a full-service house painting contractor whose passion and specialty is exterior, interior painting and repairs - and is upfront, honest and ethical... then you've come to the right place!

In every detail of every project, Victor`s Construction and Remodeling is devoted to the utmost professionalism and superior results. As a full-service painting contractor, we cut no corners; every employee is thoroughly trained, and we use only premium products and superior painting techniques so that each customer can truly Expect!

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Flooring - Tile & Wood Floors

Flooring - Tile & Wood Floors

Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile includes a wide variety of clay products fired into thin units which are set in beds of mortar or mastic with the joints between tiles grouted. Varieties include quarry tile, porcelain tile, terracotta tile, and others. Many different natural stones are cut into a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses for use as flooring.

History's most famous buildings made extensive use of natural flooring materials that were elegant, wear resistant and withstood the test of time. Natural stone and ceramic floor tiles deliver unparalleled performance. They always look great and never go out of style. Many of these materials are moisture resistant and ideal for entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere liquids are present.


Wood flooring

Many different species of wood are fabricated into wood flooring in two primary forms: plank and parquet. Hardwoods are typically much more durable than softwoods. Reclaimed lumber has a unique appearance and is used in green (environmentally responsible) building.

Real wood, solid wood, hardwood or simply wooden flooring (as it is also known) is the finest flooring solution that you can choose for your home.
As the name suggests, solid wood flooring doesn’t just look authentic, it is authentic. Each plank is milled from a single piece of timber, so there are no veneers used; just one piece of wood. These floors were originally used for additional support within a building, but – while we now favour their aesthetics over their practical values – the reward for choosing solid wood flooring is more than just superficial.

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General Remodeling

General Remodeling

Freshening up the look of your home adds obvious curb appeal. It makes you feel better about coming home too. Because of our array of services, Victor’s Exteriors and Remodeling gives you a one-stop solution. Our teams have performed virtually every kind of remodeling project. You can trust us to bring your vision into reality.

Additions: Getting extra space doesn’t have to mean you have to move; add a room, make one larger, or maybe even add a second floor. We’ve done every kind of room addition and handle every detail. Think bigger and make it happen the easy way with Victor’s Exteriors and Remodeling.

Kitchens: Watch how often your family comes together in the kitchen. Give yours a fresh new look, one that pays back when selling your home: new cabinets, counter-tops, recessed lighting and state-of-the-art appliances. Handle it all with one call to us at Victor’s Exteriors and Remodeling.

Bathrooms: Start your day in a better place by giving your bathroom an update. You can have that jetted tub, a bigger shower, stone counters, designer sinks, and everything else. It’s easier than you think when you call us to get it done. Everyday can start in a better way in a bathroom updated by Victor’s Exteriors.

Attic Barrier: Energy bills could be 10-15% lower after you have us install Radiance in your home. Radiant barriers reflect the sun’s heat, helping lower cooling costs. Victor’s applies Radiance Attic Barrier like paint to the underside of your roof, Once installed, up to 75% of the sun’s heat is reflected away from your attic, making your home more comfortable year-round.

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New Construction

New Construction

Years of experience and attention to detail are your assurance we will complete your project on time and on budget. From complete build-outs to basic floor plan revisions, and everything in between, you can depend on us for the personal touch Victor’s brings to every project.

  • Victor’s Construction provides a full range of construction services from the conceptual design phase through the facility-commissioning phase.
  • We don't chase every project that comes along. We target those for which we have similar experience, as well as highly qualified and available staff.
  • We may not be the biggest, but we certainly strive to be the very best - exceeding expectations and avoiding surprises.

Victor’s is a leading builder of new home design and construction in Houston.

Everyone has their own style and taste and finding the right home in Texas. Many existing homes on the market today may have most but not all of the features that you are looking for, which is why many home buyers consider having new home designed and constructed that personally matches their lifestyle.

Not all new home construction companies in Texas are the same.

Victor’s is one of the top new home construction companies in Houston and Austin. We believe that quality begins from the ground up. Each custom built home designed and built by Victor’s starts with a full evaluation of the site followed by custom architectural plans, foundation preparation and how your home will be positioned on the lot.

There is a lot to know about the process of designing building a new home.

Victor’s keeps you informed and includes you in every decision to be made during the process of building your new home. Communication is crucial between ourselves, you the client, our tradesmen and any other parties involved including surveyors, local town officials and building regulation professionals.

When constructing a new home, an Victor’s project manager will be your sole point of contact. They will coordinate with all required parties and will regularly keep you up to date on the status of your project. This arrangement will keep you excited, informed and satisfied throughout the building of your new home.

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About Us

Welcome to Victor’s Remodeling and Construction . We’re pleased to be a company friends tell friends about. Because we’ve carefully built our business one pleased customer after another, the BBB gives Victor’s Remodeling and Constriction outstanding customer service marks.

Whether it’s siding, roofing, replacement windows, kitchen or bath remodeling, room additions or even radiant barriers, we’re not finished until you’re happy. That way you too can confidently pass our name onto friends. The same goes for commercial projects.

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